Cope, Heal, and Recover from Pregnancy Termination

When, for whatever reason, you had to terminate your pregnancy, the effects can be devastating and traumatic. Not only do you need to cope with your loss, but you may also need to share the sad news with family and friends. Grief, anger, sadness, and disappointment can make it hard for you to move on and leave you at risk of developing severe depression and feeling you have no way to move forward with your life. You are not alone; there is a way to heal and move forward again.

If you’ve had to terminate your pregnancy, Iris Hogan can help:

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Iris Hogan helped me many times through very difficult life situations. With her help I managed to finally get my life back in order and in a direction that got me back on my feet. I am finally able to enjoy my life again. 

No other therapist was able to help me in such a positive, understanding way as Iris.

– H