Compassionate Women’s Therapy and Counseling in Seattle. 

Seattle-based, serving Washington via  Telehealth, Iris Hogan offers support for:

Navigating Life-Transitions, Overcoming Anxiety and Trauma, and Fostering Maternal Mental Health

 Create the life you want to live!

Welcome to my online psychotherapy practice! I’m so glad you’re here ! I offer individualized therapy and counseling support for anxiety, trauma, and maternal mental health, using evidence-based interventions such as mindfulness and cognitive therapy, trauma-informed care, and EMDR.

My practice is built on the values of empathy, authenticity, inclusivity, trustworthiness, and curiosity, and I’m committed to creating a safe, welcoming space where you can share your story and work toward healing.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me for a free consultation. I’m here to support you every step of the way and help you create the life you want to live.


Excessive worrying, fears, stress, and even panic don’t have to be a way of life.

Life Transitions

There is a way through with self-care, kindness and compassionate support.

Maternal Mental Health

(Pregnancy, Perinatal, Postpartum) Get support to overcome Anxiety, Depression, Loss, or Trauma.

Trauma Recovery

Recovery from trauma is possible even when other things have failed. Trauma-informed therapy like EMDR works.

From surviving to thriving!

Warmest Greetings! I am Iris Hogan, a therapist in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. I love helping women live better lives! At the heart of my 20 years of clinical work lies my deep passion for supporting women through the challenging times in their life’s journey.

 In a warm and caring environment, you can gain support for the challenges you are facing, you can unburden yourself, and together, we can find new ways for you to move forward.

My therapy style is empathetic, collaborative, goal-oriented, and pragmatic. I want you to gain insight into your concerns, but also to learn practical tools and strategies to help through harder days. My favorite therapy question is, “If you had the life you want to live, what would we see you do?” Finding new ways of thinking, feeling, and responding can change the trajectory of your life.

If you are struggling and feel alone or hopeless that things will ever improve, I encourage you to reach out. I’d love to help you heal and to walk alongside you as you create the life you most want to live.

Reclaim a Life with Less Stress and Anxiety

Are you stressed, exhausted, irritated, worried, panicked, or stuck? Anxiety makes everything harder.

It’s normal to feel anxious occasionally, but when anxiety takes over and prevents you from living the life you want to live, it might be a good time to get treatment. Stress and anxiety-related conditions are some of the most common and all-consuming mental health challenges we face in our chaotic world today.

Luckily, there is good news! Anxiety and Stress-related conditions are very responsive to treatment. Therapy can help you take charge of your anxiety, so you can focus on what really matters to you, instead of on your symptoms.

I use the best evidence-based, proven practices while tailoring treatment to your unique needs. Our work together can help you to move beyond anxiety, so that you can truly enjoy life again.

Trauma Recovery

Making Sense of Suffering – Trauma Recovery Is Possible

Are you still having bad dreams, flashbacks, reliving past traumas, feeling edgy, avoiding things, or struggling with relationships and trust?

No matter the type of traumatic event you experienced (a traumatic birth event, an unspeakable act of violence, a devastating natural disaster, a sudden loss, or a failed relationship), traumatic experiences can leave painful imprints on us.

Time does not automatically heal all wounds. Luckily, Trauma-Informed Therapy works where other treatments may have failed! You can recover from trauma regardless of how long ago it took place. I specialize in the use of trauma-informed treatments like EMDR.

Maternal Mental Health and Mood and Anxiety Disorders During Pregnancy and Beyond

Are you not experiencing the mothering journey you had hoped for?

 Support can help you through your high-risk pregnancies, miscarriage, stillbirth, traumatic births, and mood and anxiety challenges during pregnancy and beyond.