Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss Counseling and Support

I am truly and deeply sorry for your loss.

This is a place where your grief is welcome. My mission is to help you in your healing journey. It may seem like you will never recover, but there is reason to hope. You will always remember your loss, but you can find joy again. 

Research tells us that early psychological intervention can effectively decrease emotional distress, depression, and anxiety in the first year after miscarriage or stillbirth. 

(learn more) about common emotional reactions and how to get help.

Sometimes our culture and family are just not equipped to help us heal. We have words to acknowledge the loss of loved ones; we refer to a spouse losing his partner as a widower or a child losing their parent as an orphan. Unfortunately, we don’t have a word for a parent who loses her infant or miscarries. 

Whether you have lost your baby during pregnancy or afterward, grief can seem unbearable and overwhelming. Nothing prepares us for the intense feelings that grief brings to our door -disbelief, anger, despair, numbness, and deep sadness. And grief can stand between the people around us and us, making us feel alone and disconnected. 

I want to provide you with a safe place to express and process your loss-a place to get the tools that will help you through your experience in a healthy way. There is no right way to grieve, no right amount of time to do it in, and no way of avoiding it. There is, however, a way forward to heal.

If you’re experiencing the grief and loss of miscarriage or pregnancy loss, Iris Hogan can help:

 Iris Hogan Can Guide Your Recovery 

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Iris helped me through one of the darkest times in my life, after I lost my infant daughter. She guided me through this time with compassion, competency and wisdom. I learned to accept myself and my grief and find new meaning. She always made me feel welcome and created space for all my thoughts and feelings. Her calm presence and gentle guidance brought forth hope and light for me.

– H