Therapy Tailored to You

I help people from many walks of life with many different problems.

No two people are alike and no one approach works for everyone. This is why I use an eclectic approach, rather than a one-size-fits-all method. I use my wide range of training and experience in many different psychotherapy styles and techniques as the basis for carefully matching the right treatment with your specific needs.

My approach is collaborative, interactive, solution-focused, and mindfulness based. My clients learn skills that enable them to handle difficult thoughts and feelings more effectively, so that these negative thoughts and emotions have less impact and influence on their lives.

Goal-Oriented, Present-Focused

Sometimes people think that therapy will be about being “analyzed” or “diagnosed,” or that the therapist will make them re-live painful memories. This is not my approach. Instead, my aim is to help you find ways to live a fuller, vital, more satisfying life today. Sometimes this requires introspection or re-processing of traumatic material (not re-living), but it is done to heal and recover with the focus on creating a better present.

Evidence-Based Interventions

I work with evidenced-based practices. This means that I choose approaches that have undergone rigorous, scientific testing and have been shown to be effective. My theoretic orientation encompasses several effective approaches, my favorite of which is Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT). ACT is a form of behavioral therapy which has been shown by research to be effective not only in reducing suffering but also in increasing life vitality and satisfaction.

The Evidenced-Based Approaches I Use:

Your Therapy Focus – Finding Your Direction and Achieving Your Goal

Some people are clear about what the focus of treatment will be, such as ending panic attacks, recovering from unresolved trauma, or coping with post partum depression.

Some people are struggling with life transitions or big life choices, questioning their priorities, or contemplating changing relationships or careers.

Some people start therapy because they feel depressed or anxious, without a clear sense of what the focus of therapy will be. They just want to feel better.


During therapy I provide:

  • A warm, safe, supportive atmosphere, free of criticism and judgment.
  • An alliance to establish goals and develop strategies for achieving them.
  • Sincere interest in you and compassion for your situation.
  • Expertise gained through years of experience

Nonjudgmental, Objective, Confidential Feedback

I offer you therapy tailored to you in a safe, warm, confidential space where you can examine your situation and move forward to recover and heal.

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Iris helped me through one of the darkest times in my life, after I lost my infant daughter. She guided me through this time with compassion, competency and wisdom. I learned to accept myself and my grief and find new meaning. She always made me feel welcome and created space for all my thoughts and feelings. Her calm presence and gentle guidance brought forth hope and light for me.

– C