Therapy for Infertility in Ballard, Seattle

It can be a crushing experience to want a baby so much and to struggle to conceive. Sometimes the process of finding the right treatment and the right doctor can become overwhelming. 

According to Resolve: The National Infertility Association, one in eight couples, have difficulties getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy. 

The road to becoming pregnant can feel lonely, scary, and very stressful.

Find out how you can start feeling like yourself again and get help navigating this challenging time. 

Find Lasting Relief with Iris Hogan

Evidence-based treatments for anxiety, stress, trauma, and maternal health.

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Iris Hogan helped me many times through very difficult life situations. With her help I managed to finally get my life back in order and in a direction that got me back on my feet. I am finally able to enjoy my life again. 

No other therapist was able to help me in such a positive, understanding way as Iris.

– H

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