Therapy for Distress During Pregnancy

Did you know that Maternal Mental Health Disorders are the most common complication of childbirth?

15-25% of women will experience severe depression and anxiety during their pregnancy.

The growing baby inside you causes your body to go through pronounced hormonal, emotional, and physical changes. Often, your body and your relationships and activities are already changing as your pregnancy can place limitations on your lifestyle. This change can be unexpected and challenging.

Sometimes pregnancy can mean feeling sick, being worried about the baby’s and your own health, and may cause trepidation about the life to come and your capacity to handle it. 

It is normal to worry or feel down some of the time, but if your mood negatively impacts your life and pregnancy experience, you will benefit from getting support.  

Getting help now can make a positive difference in your pregnancy and postpartum experience.

If you’re experiencing distress during pregnancy, Iris Hogan can help:

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Iris is a very committed and thoughtful therapist. I am so grateful for her insights and help in working through postpartum anxiety. She is the best there is as far as I’m concerned and I recommend her to all my friends moving through transitions to mamahood or who just need some support.

– B