Stress and AnxietyDo You Want Relief from Anxiety?

Do you sometimes have the feeling that you are walking down a long and scary road, all alone, always on the lookout for the next obstacle or threat?

Anxiety is an intense and frightening experience, and it can be very isolating. It may seem like no one can truly understand what you are going through and that you are alone in your suffering. You don’t have to go through this alone. 

 I am here to help.

Anxiety can manifest itself in many different ways

  • Feelings of unreality
  • Obsessive or negative thoughts
  • Feeling out of it or a sense of unreality
  • Excessively worrying
  • Feeling edgy, restless
  • Being chronically fatigued and tired
  • Nausea or GI symptoms
  • Panic attacks, difficulty sleeping (falling and staying asleep)
  • Difficulty concentrating or your mind going “blank”
  • Nervousness in social situations

This is how anxiety can show in your body

  • Muscles aches
  • Hot flashes
  • Muscle tension
  • Headaches
  • Trembling, twitching
  • Lightheadedness
  • Gastrointestinal distress
  • Elevated heart rate

When Anxiety Rules Your Life, You Might Have An Anxiety Disorder

Fear of flying woman in plane airsick

Panic Attacks or Panic Disorder 
Generalized Anxiety Disorder 
Social Anxiety Disorder
Specific Phobia (e.g., fear of flying)

We all feel anxious at times and it is a normal reaction to stressful situations.  However, when anxiety becomes such a struggle that it dominates our life or impacts it negatively, it becomes a disorder.  Anxiety disorders may not go away without treatment.  The good news is that anxiety disorders are one of the most treatable mental health conditions.

You Are Not Alone

People suffering from anxiety disorders are everywhere. The National Institute of Mental Health reports that anxiety disorders are the most common psychological ailment.

  • 40 million adult Americans suffer from anxiety disorders. That's 18% of the adult population in the US.
  • Anxiety disorders appear to stem from a complex combination of genetics, brain chemistry, personality, and life events.
  • People with anxiety disorders are five times more likely to seek medical intervention.
  • Nearly half of the people who suffer from depression also suffer from an anxiety disorder.
  • Anxiety responds well to treatment but tends to remain unchanged without new tools and insights.


Lasting Improvements Without Medications

Anxiety disorders can be treated with therapy alone or a combination of therapy and medications. Many studies show that psychotherapy is as effective, or more effective, than medication for most people. Therapy has also been found to have benefits that last beyond treatment.

Effective Treatment for Anxiety

I use highly effective, evidence-based practices such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). These approaches are backed by considerable clinical research data and have been endorsed by the Anxiety Disorder Association of America. 

Investing in Healing

You have one life to live. Therapy is an investment in your quality of this life. When you are contemplating whether you want to spend money on therapy, ask yourself:

What are the costs associated with your suffering?
How much does your panic impact you or cost you emotionally, socially, occupationally, or in other lost opportunities?

A recent study found that the average American spends $1,092 on coffee per year. How much is your emotional health and ability to enjoy life worth?

I offer a solution-focused, active therapy approach. I want you to get better fast, and I find that many of the people I work with do get back to the things that are important to them quickly.


Will Therapy Work for Me?

I want to be straightforward with you. Neither I, nor any other clinician, can promise that therapy will change everything or help you to be completely symptom free. However, I do have good reasons to be positive. The treatment modalities I use have excellent success rates, and I have walked alongside many people that have found more life vitality, satisfaction, and calm in their lives through their therapy work.

Do you have questions I can answer?


Reduce Anxiety

10Things You Can Do To Feel Better Now

  1. Cut down your caffeine intake. Caffeine can interfere with sleep, make your anxiety worse, and even lead to panic attacks.

  2. Get enough sleep. Anxiety can lead to insomnia, and not sleeping enough decreases your ability to cope with stress and anxiety.

  3. Eat healthily. Eat well and often. Several smaller meals during the day are often better than three big meals for people with anxiety. When you go without food for long periods, your blood sugar drops, which can leave you anxious and irritable. Eat complex carbohydrates (whole grains, fruits, and vegetables). Complex carbs stabilize blood sugar and boost serotonin, a neurotransmitter with calming effects.

  4. Avoid alcohol and nicotine. Alcohol makes anxiety worse! It offers the lure of reducing anxiety and worry short-term, but it actually makes anxiety symptoms worse as it wears off. Nicotine is a strong stimulant that leads to anxiety.

  5. Learn to use deep breathing and relaxation techniques. Techniques like progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing, and meditation have all been shown by research to be effective in dealing with anxiety.

  6. Getting daily exercise can make a big difference in lowering your anxiety level. Exercise releases tension and lowers stress levels, which makes it a natural antidote to anxiety; it also releases endorphins, our brain’s “feel-good chemicals.”

  7. Limit you sugar intake.

  8. Connect with others. Spending time with other people in a meaningful way has been shown to lower anxiety.

  9. Do what’s meaningful to you. Make time for activities that nurture you and matter to you.

  10. Practice self-compassion-Having anxiety is hard! Listen in how you speak to yourself and ask "would I talk like this to a friend?"  Try speaking with yourself  in a more accepting way and observe how you feel.

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